2-Compartment Small Phone and Tool Pouch

SKU#: 57102
The Genuine Dickies 2-Compartment Tool Belt Phone and Tool Pouch with Safety Strap is perfect for contractors, construction workers, electricians, technicians and framers to keep their touch screen smart phone protected and accessible on the job site.
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The clever, compact design of the Dickies Work Gear 57102 2-Compartment Phone and Tool Pouch allows you to keep connected while on the Job. Constructed of a padded, puncture-resistant material, this little pouch packs a big punch! The main pocket is capable of holding a cell phone with all of the security you desire. Not only is the pocket padded and puncture-resistant, but it also has an adjustable security strap that fits over the cell phone to hold it in place. This impressive pouch also features a tool/accessory loop along with a second pocket for all of your smaller necessities. To top it off, this pouch will fit on any size belt! Whether used in the shop or in everyday life, this pouch is a must-have.


  • CONVENIENT - Features phone compartment, additional pocket and 1 tool loop
  • DURABLE - Constructed with a tough and long-lasting polyester blend to withstand any job
  • HEAVY-DUTY - Pouch structure is padded and puncture-resistant for added security
  • SAFE - Security strap holds cell phone in place
  • UNIVERSAL BELT FIT - Steel clip will easily fit any size belt
  • COMPACT - Design provides compact and lightweight storage
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY - Comes with a 1 year limited warranty


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1 Year Limited Warranty

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